about us

kimchipapi kitchen is the brainchild of joon son aka kimchipapi. after closing the doors of his previous business, at the buzzer, son decided to transform his old footwear boutique into a restaurant. after years of trials and tribulations, kimchipapi kitchen finally opened its' doors in may of 2018.
son's family has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. his desire to enter the restaurant business was influenced heavily by his mother, ho jeo son, former owner of one of the best korean restaurants in boston, the late, great wuchon house restaurant in somerville, ma.
son was interested in creating a poke restaurant, but he wanted to create more than just poke bowls. quoted by son, "i didn't want to be known as just a "poke" spot. i want to offer more than just that. i noticed a lot of poke spots opening up, but none of them really incorporated korean ingredients aka "bibimbap and "banchan". these are some of the dishes i grew up on. i wanted to bring it to the masses in the form of a beautiful bowl. we also have a full kitchen ready to cook up some hot + fried dishes for those who are looking to indulge a little.
we want to provide the most comfortable dining experience for you. vibes are important to us, so we want you to relax, chill, play some board games, listen to some music, watch tv, use our wi-fi, and maybe even sing karaoke (stay tuned). 
we would like to thank everyone for being so patient as we work through our kinks during our 1st year. we are trying to also overcome the recent facade collapse that damaged our sign. please be patient as we unveil other items on our menu + the activation of several promos + give aways! send noodz, not nukes.